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True Comparison of MAC vs. Planet Fitness




Planet Fitness


Indoor Pool



An 88 degree indoor pool is just one of the many reasons for choosing MAC. Lap swim, family swim & discounted swim lessons.




CPR certified sitters that keep your children active so you have the opportunity to workout - ME time :) 




Relaxing and good for the muscles and soul.





MAC Offers 50+ Classes each week! Including: Spinning, Bootcamp, Zumba, Yoga, water classes and more. MAC has Nationally Certified Instructors offering the latest in programming.

Physical Therapist



One convenient location, providing traditional therapy and Dry Needling.

Massage Therapist



On site appointments available.




Improve your daily mobility or fix nagging problems that are preventing you from reaching your goals.

O2 EWOT Oxygen Training



Benefits Include:
1. Increased oxygen saturation for the purpose of delayed onset of muscle soreness
2. Development of auto-immune system
3. Super charge current nutrition strategies with the increased oxygen levels
4. Amplify body’s natural hormones for an increase in muscle mass

Owner / Operator info

Cincinnati owned and operated; winning numerous community awards, Chamber, HulaFrog & Cinti Enquirer

National Franchise

Small business, vital to the success of local economy, the foundation of community and MAC employs over 60 staff members.



Superior exercise equipment, reinvestment in new equipment annually and the ability to constantly vary your workout and increase weight; which provide the challenge that produce measurable results. Keiser Air Machines, Hoist circuit, unlimited free weight & more.

Same franchise equipment at each location


MAC membership includes Olympic Weight lifting bars, plates, platforms, Keiser racks and over $200K in Keiser equipment. You will never run out of exercise options resulting in variable workouts which equal measurable fitness results.

Free Weights

Over 50,000 pounds of free weights and plates, multiple sets of dumbbells up to 150#, numerous racks and unlimited barbells and weight, including Olympic bars, plates and platforms.

Beginner level free weight only - very limited progression options for weight lifting, dumbbells up to 60# max

You will never max out on free weight options at MAC! Go as light or heavy as you want! No limitations at MAC.

Trainers & Instructors

Mature, experienced, nationally certified trainers and instructors providing personalized, 1-on-1 training programs.

Young, non-certified staff


Nationally Certified Personal Trainers and Group Exercise Instructors that provide programming that get you the results you want.

Support and Guidance

Small Group Training such as Boot Camps, Dangerous Curves, Pure Strength & Women on Weights with Certified Personal Trainers

Free candy, pizza and bagels

FREE Training Orientation session(s) with Nationally Certified Personal Trainers, numerous programs that encourage community like Women on Weights and Dangerous Curves

Membership Continuity

Long time members with community atmosphere

High turnover in members

MAC has numerous multigenerational families that have been members since 1984!

Family Environment

MAC offers discounted rates for family members and offers Family Swim, Swim Lessons, Junior Strength Training and Babysitting. Kids can begin working out with a parent on a family membership at 12 years old

No family membership, activities or inclusiveness, only separate individual memberships with an annual fee EVERY year for each person.

NO annual fee of $39.99 for every family member EVERY year


Inclusive of all body types, builds, interests and no problems rewarding all efforts to improve, including grunting ☺

Their messages “No lunk alarm” – no grunting, tank tops or intimidation, “Judgement free zone”

Friendly members and staff. We've been building and investing in the MAC community since 1984



Basic Membership starts at $24.99/month or $299.88 annually

Various membership include over 50 Group Exercise classes every week, Keiser Air Machines, Strength Equipment, Cardio Equipment, Exercise w/ Oxygen Training (EWOT), Aquatic Group Classes, Lap and Family Swim. Additional Services include 24-Hour Access, Child Care, Personal Training, Small Group Training, Group Cycling, Tanning and Swim Lessons. MAC offers discounted family bundled rates

*Be sure to check our promotional specials for SO MUCH MORE!

REAL FITNESS for REAL RESULTS - Tootsie Rolls and Pizzas not encouraged.


Planet Fitness charges a $39.99 annual fee per person for EVERY family member

NO group exercise classes, NO warm water pool, NO babysitting, NO family rates and very limited strength and free weight equipment

$10.00/month + $39.99 annual fee = $159.99 annually 

$21.99/month + $39.99 annual fee = $303.87 annually; includes guest priviledges, 24-hr, tanning, any PF location and massage chair; varies per location

Planet Fitness offers NO group exercise classes, NO warm water pool, NO babysitting service, NO family bundled rates and very limited free weights or strength equipment options

Interested in a Free 3 Day Trial Membership?