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State of the Art Equipment

 MAC Premier Fitness continues to lead the fitness market by staying on top of the latest innovations in workout machines and technology, making your fitness journey as exciting and interactive as possible!

Our state of the art equipment ensures that our members are getting the best workouts, with maximum impact from the latest and greatest in fitness equipment. That equipment includes Freemotion Incline Trainer treadmills, with cushioned decks that reduce impact, enabling longer and stronger workout sessions. The treadmills' technology allows you to choose from a large library of programs that transport you from the gym to an immersive cardio experience on screen. As you walk or run different terrains on screen the treadmill emulates those terrains to give you the full immersive experience.

Our non motorized turf treadmills are able to give runners one of the most natural running experiences while reducing the impact on lower body joints and muscle groups. This type of treadmill also greatly reduces the risk of injury while maximizing the highest amount of calories burned.

MAC’s Hoist ROC-IT workout machines have unique scientifically proven advantages, including the ability to closely mimic the way the body naturally operates in everyday life, enhancing results and reducing the risk of injury. Hoist ROC-IT machines make the human body and integral part of the exercise, training is as a system, not isolated and disconnected parts. They also yield more stability and strength for the user resulting in more calories burned due to a more complete exercise.

Our Keiser Air Machines are top of the line when it comes to training like a pro and in fact Keiser machines can be found in the training rooms of professional and collegiate sports teams across the country. Learn more about these state of the art machines.

At MAC Premier Fitness we are committed to making sure our members have access to the best the fitness market has to offer because we believe that giving you the ability to train on state of the art equipment, gives you the greatest chance for success on your fitness journey with the least amount of injuries.