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Strength Training Benefits For Women

Strength Training Benefits for WomenWhen you hear the phrase “women’s fitness” do you think strength training? Most people don’t equate the two, but studies have shown that women of any age can benefit from a good strength training program. However, most women who exercise do cardiovascular workouts and bypass strength training. There are many great incentives for women to add strength training to their regular exercise programs.

Becoming Physically Stronger – By developing your strength you will need less aid performing daily living tasks. You will find tasks easier while the likelihood of injuries will lessen. Studies have shown that moderate strength exercises will boost your strength thirty to fifty percent, and your strength will grow at the same rate as men.

Losing Body Fat – A typical woman who performs strength training two or three times a week for about two months will build up two pounds of muscle with a loss of about 3.5 pounds of body fat.  As your lean muscle grows so will your resting metabolism, meaning you burn off extra calories daily. For every pound of muscle you gain thirty-five to fifty calories will be burnt daily. Those numbers add up over time. Don’t forget, though, that body fat weighs less than muscle. Replacing fat with muscle is obviously the best thing you can be doing, but if you’re focusing on the scale your overall weight might not drop like you’d expect. But that’s okay!

Gaining Strength Without Bulk – Women normally do not increase in size much from strength training. Women have ten to thirty less of the hormones which causes muscle hypertrophy. You will notice muscular tone and definition development which is a plus, but won’t have to worry too much about getting bulky.

Reduces Risk of Heart Disease – Strength training enhances cardiovascular health by decreasing bad cholesterol, raising good cholesterol and decreasing blood pressure. By combining cardiovascular exercises and strength training you will increase these benefits.

Reduces Risk of Diabetes – Strength training enhances how the body processes sugar, thus lowering the possibility of diabetes. Strength training can boost glucose usage in the body by twenty-three percent in four months. Adult diabetes is a problem that is increasing for both women and men, so it’s good to put as many tools to use as you can to fight back.

Improve Attitude and Fight Depression – Research has shown that ten weeks of strength training can lower clinical despondency symptoms. Plus it can help raise self-esteem and many women say they feel more confident and adaptable as an end result of their program. These are significant elements in fighting depression or just adding a little extra morale to your life.

Strength training means more than building stronger muscles. It also builds stronger connective tissues and improves joint strength, supporting the joints and helping to avoid injuries. It is never too late for strength training. Women in their seventies and eighties can build up strength through a strength training program, too. The benefits are too widespread for us to skip weight training for women when it comes to women’s fitness! If you want more info on how to get started with strength training or to get some tips for the best equipment, techniques and routines contact us anytime. We have state of the art exercise equipment and knowledgeable personal trainers to help you on your path to better fitness.

Interested in a Free 3 Day Trial Membership?