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Weight Lifting Benefits For Seniors

Senior Weight LiftingIt is suggested that people over fifty should include a weight lifting program as muscles soften as we age, which contributes to a major complaint among seniors: loss of independence. This doesn’t have to be the case though, with a few easy exercises that are safe and successful. It’s never too late to start weight lifting exercises, so don’t hesitate! People at any age receive many benefits from these exercises and seniors will see very productive changes in their day to day lives.

Enhance your walking capability with weight lifting exercises. A study done at the University of Vermont for healthy seniors showed they could walk forty percent further after twelve weeks of exercising. Inadequate leg stamina in seniors is an effective forecaster of future impairments including losing the capability to walk.

Weight lifting can make it easier to accomplish daily tasks. Researchers at the University of Alabama studied healthy senior women who did weight lifting and found carrying groceries and getting out of chairs much easier after sixteen weeks of exercise. This was achieved with just three hours a week of weight lifting exercises.

Weight lifting is useful in protecting against broken bones. The exercise increases your stamina, stability and agility, thus helping seniors avoid severe falls. A study completed at Tuffs University found senior women who lifted weights for a year saw an enhancement in their stability by fourteen percent. Weight lifting can improve bone mass in the hips and spine making this type of exercise significant for people suffering from osteoporosis, a bone thinning disease.

Weight lifting exercises can relieve arthritis pain by reinforcing muscles, tendons and ligaments surrounding the joints thus improving your span of mobility. Weight lifting helps lessen pain around the painful joint by relieving stress on the joints. Arthritis suffers should start a program lifting light weights and slowly build up to heavier weights.

Weight lifting also helps keep glucose under control for seniors with type 2 diabetes, helps lose body fat and improves confidence. Weight lifting helps seniors sleep better and lessens mild despondency.

If you have concerns about exercise adversely affecting you, or stirring up old injuries or aches, you should check with your doctor before starting a program. You can also get guidance from a personal trainer before you start weight lifting to make sure your form, technique and intensity are appropriate for your fitness level. A personal trainer will specify precise methods for exercising so you enjoy the program without injury to your body.

There are many benefits for senior weight lifting programs. We would be happy to speak with you more about how Miami Athletic Club can help you improve your overall health and day to day living through exercise. For information about weight lifting exercises, simply contact us.

Interested in a Free 3 Day Trial Membership?