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5 Pool Exercises For Weight Loss

5 Pool Exercises for Weight LossA lot of people don’t think of the pool when exercising in the winter, but as Spring approaches hitting the water turns into a natural desire for most!  If you want something different in an exercise routine it may be a good time to consider some pool exercises. You will find a variety of exercises that can be done in a pool to aid you in losing weight and enjoying the exercises.

Swimming laps is the most recognized exercise for the pool. If you belong to a gym with a pool, like Miami Athletic Club, you will be able to get an excellent workout through distance swimming. Just be sure not to overwork the first few times you swim laps, or if you’re just getting back into laps after taking a break over the winter. If you become fatigued stay in the shallow area of the pool in case you experience cramps. Remember to warm up, stretch properly and go through your proper pre-workout routine. Swimming is just like any other exercise, you don’t want to jump in cold and strain yourself.

An excellent way to burn calories is swimming the butterfly, backstroke or sidestroke which continually works your lower back, as well as upper and lower abs. They work hard by keeping your hips close to the surface of the water, keeping your body in a direct line allowing the body to twist and rotate. Correct swimming format shapes your abs and burns calories and fat.

Another wonderful way to lose weight is to execute calisthenics in the swimming pool. Perform some jumping jacks to increase your heart rate. You might also want to do leg kicks while gripping the side of the pool.

Another popular pool exercise is water aerobics. If you belong to our Milford gym inquire about available water aerobics classes.

Another successful way to lose weight is water jogging even though it’s not the most gracious way to exercise. You merely jog around the shallow area of a pool for a set amount of time. This exercise can actually be more fun in a group. Sure it seems a little silly but if you’ve got some friends doing it too it can be a good time. The point is: even simple activities can get good results from the added drag of water. Pool exercises are usually low impact too which is great if you’ve got sore joints.

These are some fun ways to lose weight and have a great workout routine in a pool. If you have any more ideas we’d love to hear from you in the comment box below! These workouts can be performed by yourself or with other people which is always a plus for staying motivated. So for something different try these pool exercises and see the results for yourself. For more information about exercise and weight loss or about our gym’s pool contact us anytime as we will be happy to assist you.

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