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Post Workout Routines an Essential Part of Exercise Programs

Post Workout RoutinesMany people have good warm-up and work-out exercise routines but forget a significant part of exercising, which is post workout routines. We drink water, do a warm-up, stretch, work the total body and after the last exercise is completed we leave the gym. You have done most of the work but treatment of your body after exercising is a major part of the routine. Post work-out exercises have an effect on muscles soreness, strength and growth, plus staying hydrated. So remember to do these important post workout routines.

Cool Down – The first thing you need to do after that last exercise is cool down. It doesn’t matter what type of exercise you have completed, a light cardio routine should be used to ease out of exercise mode and cool the body down. This brings the heart rate down slowly and at a steady pace thus avoiding a sick feeling after exercising. A good way to cool the body is to walk on a treadmill for about five minutes.

Stretch – One of the major things to do after exercising is stretching. After a work-out the muscles will normally tighten and stretching stops the muscles from shrinking. Stretching the muscles helps them rebuild which allows the body to receive full benefits from the exercise and hard work you just put in. Stretching also helps muscles to relax, aids in blood flow to joints and tissues; helps remove any undesirable waste product, which helps with muscle tightness and tenderness. Add in mental alertness and you have several good reasons for stretching after your exercise routine.

Drink Water – Even after you finish exercising it’s important to drink plenty of water to replace your fluid levels. Drink two to three cups of water within the first two hours after exercising and then continue drinking during the day. Drinking water is necessary to avoid dehydration.

Refuel – Eating is one of the last things to do after exercising but it is vital to eat within ninety minutes after completion of a work-out. A lot of calories have been burned during exercise and you have also potentially torn muscles. Repairing your muscles and increasing your energy level are essential. Eat foods full of complex carbs and high in protein. The carbs will slowly energize your body and turn into calories. The protein helps restore and reinforce the muscles. Check out our list of healthy eating apps if you want to kick start a new diet, and remember don’t just eat anything! You need to stay on target with your diet even after exercising, or you’ll slow your progress.

So the next time you finish your exercise program remember these post work-out routines. They are an essential part of any exercise program which helps in getting the most out of exercising.

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