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How to Exercise Your Way to a Perfect Posterior

Perfect PosteriorWondering how to exercise so that your rear end is more shapely? Or smaller? Maybe bigger? Do you just want your bottom to rise higher off the ground? Exercises for the butt can’t guarantee your walk will be the talk of the room, but you can definitely inch closer toward perfection by adding some or all of these exercises to your workout routine.


If you want to know how to exercise your way to a perfect posterior practically anywhere, think isometric exercises. Exercising your rear end with isometrics can be done while waiting in the checkout line at the grocery store, when standing in the kitchen cooking a meal or even as you lie in bed watching television. Simply give your buttock muscles a good tight squeeze and hold for anywhere between ten and thirty seconds. To get closer to that goal of a perfectly sculpted bottom, try your best to get to the point where you can keep those muscles in your backside squeezed tight for a minute at a time.


If you want to how to exercise with free weights in order to achieve a fantastic fanny, the magic word is squats. Whether you’ve got a set of dumbbells at home or are working with a high quality set of free weights in the gym, giving your posterior a makeover will go a long way if you learn the correct position for doing squats. Hold the dumbbells down by your side and squat down by bending your knees and bringing your thighs down so that they are as close to being parallel with the floor as possible. Reduce the amount of weight on the dumbbells if you continually find yourself off-balance while doing this exercise for your butt. Should your balance problems just not be conducive to squatting with dumbbells, use a barbell placed across your shoulders instead.


Developing a compulsion to combine squats and lunges is one of the real answers to the question of how to exercise in order to get a better butt. The lunge can also be accomplished with either dumbbells or barbells. Stand with one foot planted on the floor and lunge forward with the other so that your planted food now has to come up on its toes. Try to work up to the point where the thigh that is lunging forward is parallel with the floor in order to get everything you possibly can out of this exercise.

Blue Exercise Ball

Finally, a real reason to use that big blue exercise ball! Sit on the exercise ball while placing both hands down on its surface. Keep both arms straight as you bend one knee just a tad and move your other leg backward to the point where you are actually using the toes of that foot to keep yourself steady.  The key to using this exercise to improve the appearance of the buttocks lies in clenching the muscles back there to help you raise the foot positioned behind you. Hold and give it a count of three to five and then repeat with your legs in the opposite position. The goal? Reaching a level of ability where you can lift your leg up as high as your hip.

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