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MAC Schedule: November 27, 2020

Pre-Workout Routines: 4 Tips for your Dynamic Warm Up

4 Tips for Dynamic Warm UpIf you are looking for pre workout routines, a dynamic warm up is the most effective way to prepare for your workout. Dynamic warm ups involve stretches that last less than ten seconds. These shorter stretches will open up your joints and increase your range of motion without tiring your muscles out. Movement is often incorporated during these stretches to activate and warm up the muscles. This will get your heart rate going, increase your blood flow and improve your sense of balance and coordination. With dynamic warm ups, you will gain more from your workouts, prevent injury, and improve your performance.

Here are four tips for your dynamic warm up routine:

  • Start your warm up by getting your body moving. Simple enough, right? Light quick movements are best. For example, start with jumping jacks, running in place or even walking. This will increase your blood flow.
  • Once you get moving, focus your warm up on the parts of the body that you are going to work out. It is important to warm up your whole body, regardless of the workout you intend to do. However, in order to avoid injury, be sure to spend extra time warming up muscles and the surrounding joints that will be used most during the workout.
  • The longer the workout, the longer your warm up needs to be. Your warm ups will also need to be longer for more intense workouts. You may also find that you need to increase the intensity of your warm up as you become stronger. For example, if you can do push-ups with relative ease, they can be a great warm up for upper body and core exercises. As you become stronger and your upper body workout becomes more intense, you can intensify your warm up with T push-ups.
  • Remember, your warm up is a warm up. Not a workout. If you push too hard on your warm up, you’ll exhaust yourself before your main exercises and put yourself at risk for injury. Understand your body and your limits. When in doubt, take it slow.
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