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MAC Schedule: September 22, 2019

MAC Instructors

MAC Instructors


Abby teaches the weekly morning yoga classes and Core Challenge. Her classes are comfortable for beginning students and safety conscious, but you will also find plenty of challenge to advance your fitness goals in her classes. Abby has been teaching at MAC for 10 years and is certified in yoga, kickboxing, Silver Sneakers and Zumba. Abby's hobbies include gardening and hanging out with her Great Pyrenees

MAC Instructors


Aimee is a licensed SHiNE Dance Fitness™ and Zumba instructor and enthusiast. After many years of participating in classes, Aimee became an dance instructor in the spring of 2017 in Nashville, Tennessee. She and her husband moved back to their hometown of Cincinnati shortly thereafter. As an instructor, Aimee enjoys blending hip-hop, jazz, Latin dance, and other styles to give her SHiNE™ and Dance Fusion classes an exciting workout! Aimee is a special education teacher at a local elementary school and enjoys hiking/walking, dogs, and dancing - of course!

MAC Instructors

Amy H

Amy has been a member at MAC for eight years.  Seven years ago after having a baby, Amy started taking Zumba classes and has never looked back.  In February of 2015, Amy decided to become a certified Zumba instructor.  Her philosophy is to exercise to be fit, not skinny, and works to become a better, healthier version of herself.  Zumba has become an addiction for Amy and she wants people to feel inspired when they partake in Zumba classes.  She views classes as a workout and fun all wrapped up in one!  Amy’s hobbies include traveling, singing, and spending time with family and friends.  She is married and has four children.


Bio coming soon!

MAC Instructors

Blake, MAC GM & Instructor

Blake knows training and has the expertise to provide a dynamic and fun group training session. Blake enjoys sharing his fitness knowledge in group classes and one on one, all while serving as General Manager at Miami Athletic Club.

MAC Instructors


Dr. McMaster knows first-hand what it takes to reach your health and fitness goals. Dr. McMaster was an accomplished varsity athlete in football, ice hockey, and rugby through high school and university. Dr. McMaster majored in biology while working toward a BSc. at Wilfrid Laurier University in Ontario followed by a Doctor of Chiropractic from the acclaimed Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in Toronto. Dr. McMaster has been in practice since 1994, beginning in the Milford area in 1995. Dr. McMaster owns and operates the Chiropractic Center (at Miami Athletic Club), and provides the perfect combination of academic knowledge and personal experience to help you attain your health and fitness needs.

MAC Instructors

Carol, Certified Personal Trainer

Carol is an ISSA (International Sports Science Association) Certified Personal Trainer. Working out and staying fit has been important to Carol for many years. She feels exercise has so many physical and mental benefits, but believes working out should be fun too.

Philosophy: Carol's mission is to help you find a type of exercise you enjoy, make it a priority and part of your routine. She feels that it will then be hard to imagine life without it and before you know it you will be healthier, happier, and more energetic!

Carol and her husband have been married for almost 30 years and have four grown children. In her spare time Carol enjoy's working out, hiking, traveling and volunteering with ProKids.

MAC Instructors


Carolyn Mahaney has been an aerobics instructor since 2003 and teaches water aerobics and SilverSneakers classes at MAC.  She taught school at Milford for 27 years and has a permanent teaching certificate for grades 1-8 and a Master's in Elementary Education from Xavier University.  Carolyn currently holds the following certifications – CPR and AED, Aquatic Exercise Association, Arthritis Foundation, Hydro Pilates, Hydro Rider, and White Crow Aqua Pilates.  She is also trained in SilverSneakers Classic, Cardio Fit, Yoga, and Splash.  She loves to share her passion for fitness with the wonderful members at MAC.

MAC Instructors


Elisa teaches a wide range of fitness classes including Tabata, Circuit Training, Spin, and Bootcamp. Her goal as an instructor is not only to provide members with high quality instruction using various principles of cardiovascular and strength training but to cultivate a fun, high-energy, supportive class environment that inspires members to get out of their comfort zone to maximize their fitness potential. Being open about her long-term personal struggle with obesity, Elisa is dedicated to helping others overcome their fitness obstacles. No matter the fitness level, she believes that a positive mindset, an encouraging environment, and a willingness to put one foot in front of the other are the first vital steps moving towards achieving one's fitness goals.


Gene is back teaching Kickboxing at MAC. Bio and photo coming soon!

MAC Instructors

Heather W

Heather became a member of the MAC ten years ago, when she moved here with her family. She has a degree in Piano Performance and Pedagogy. As such, she has worked as a professional Classical musician and certified music instructor since 1998. She thoroughly enjoys teaching others and watching their progress. She also loves using her professional training as a musician to prepare great music for her classes that motivate members to move!

Heather is certified as a spinning instructor and plans to add Tabata certification to her repertoire. Her goal as an instructor is to weld her skills as a musician and lover of fitness to provide an energetic, fun and motivating environment where members can feel inspired to work at an intensity level at which they might not choose to work on their own.

When she is not working out at the gym, Heather enjoys bike rides on the trail with her four kids, cooking healthy food for her family as well as performing and teaching music.

MAC Instructors

Jen W, Certified Personal Trainer

Jen was ISSA, NSCA, ACE, and CSCS certified in 2006 and has been personal training/group instructing since 2004.  Jen is a graduate at The University of Findlay where she played basketball 2002-2006 and majored in Strength and Conditioning/Physical Education/Personal Training. Jen has also competed in the National Physique Committee Figure and Bikini division. Currently, Jen works full time at Beverly International Headquarters as a Client Advisor. Jen is the Team Coach/Trainer of MAC’s Dangerous Curves (DC) program. DC is an 8-week, women’s only transformation program. Not only are the women given all the tools and knowledge they need to succeed, but Jen offers the women the opportunity to jumpstart their fitness journey with confidence and team bonding friendships. Nutrition, supplementation, weight training, cardio sessions, and more are directed throughout the 8-week program. To end the 8-week journey, the women meet together for a final weigh in and a DC photo shoot!

MAC Instructors

Jennifer G

Jennifer has taught group fitness classes since 1990. She holds an AFAA National Group Fitness Certification and current CPR certification. In addition, Jennifer has a Bachelor's Degree in Education with an emphasis in Coaching Effectiveness and a Master's Degree in Reading instruction and literacy.  As you can see, she loves teaching and working with students of all ages in all areas of life. She has taught at Miami Athletic Club since 2003.  She teaches Step, Spinning, Club Boxing, Cardio Kickboxing, Strength Training, Boot Camp, and Mat Pilates classes.  Her focus is to teach and encourage every student to cross train. She feels that it is extremely important to vary your workout to keep your body healthy and in ultimate condition.

MAC Instructors


Joyce joined MAC in 2006 and started attending Zumba classes in 2009. Joyce became a Certified Zumba Instructor in 2014, and is also a Certified FXP Hula Hoop Instructor.

Before starting Zumba classes, Joyce felt like she had no strength and she suffered from allergies almost every day. Tired of taking medicine, she started cardio and treadmill workouts, but felt she needed more. When she tried a Zumba class she found it to be quite challenging, but felt she was not very coordinated at first. Today, Joyce has high energy, and no allergies!  While obtaining her Master’s degree and working full time, she still tries to attend every Zumba class. Zumba has brought so much fun into her life, and she has made so many good friends in class. Zumba provides her opportunity to relax and release her stress from work.

MAC Instructors


Julie is a certified Zumba instructor; teaching Zumba since 2008. Julie is also an AFAA Certified Group Fitness and Water Aerobics instructor. She enjoys teaching a variety of classes including Zumba, Zumba toning, and Zumba gold. Julie loves the Zumba members at MAC for they have tons of energy and are so much fun to be around. They are always ready to exercise with smiles on their faces. Julie’s Zumba members inspire her to create new routines and to keep things fresh in class. Julie is married and has two daughters and a dog who all keep her busy and active when she is not teaching.

MAC Instructors

Kathy C, Group Exercise Director

Group Exercise Director Kathy - Kathy was AFAA certified in 1997 and has been teaching classes at MAC since 1999. Kathy has taught a variety of formats including kickboxing, strength training classes, Tabata, and step. Kathy is a graduate of Louisiana State University where she competed as a diver. She participated in the 1992 and 1996 Olympic Trials in platform diving. Currently, Kathy is a Social Studies teacher at Turpin High School and is the Head Volleyball Coach. Kathy has also run two marathons, including the Boston Marathon in 2005. Athletics and fitness have always been a fixture in Kathy’s life and it is very rewarding for her to know how much group exercise impacts her participants. Not only does Kathy believe group exercise provides members great workouts but the relationships built at MAC last a lifetime and keep the members coming back.

MAC Instructors


Kelsey is new to group fitness instruction as of May 2017, and is certified to teach Pop Pilates, a unique twist on traditional Pilates that is a total body workout choreographed to pop music! The class is full of energy and constant transitions to the work of different muscle groups with each track. Kelsey began doing Pop Pilates after deciding to retire from her 8 year soccer career and has not looked back. Pop Pilates has been her favorite workout to do since 2013 and she is so excited to share it with others, since the certification process for Pop instructors was released. Kelsey is also a middle school math teacher, and she is excited to add Pop Pilates to her teaching and share her passion for fitness with the members of MAC!

MAC Instructors


Kiley has been a group fitness instructor since 2014. She  loves boxing and mixed martial arts.  She believes they are great calorie burners as well an amazing source for stress relief! She received her Les Mills BodyCombat certification in 2014. Kiley believes group fitness is a great way to motivate one another and make working out fun!

MAC Instructors


Lecia has been teaching group fitness classes since 1988! She is passionate about helping others live a healthy lifestyle and reaping the benefits. She has always enjoyed physical fitness and loves sharing her passion by motivating others. She is a certified Spinning, strength and bootcamp instructor. She enjoys yoga, reading and also runs a business where she helps busy people get healthy dinners on the table. Lecia is an avid runner, having completed 40 marathons in the last 6 years and several ultra marathons. Lecia loves MAC quite simply, because of the people. Initially she joined MAC back in 1996 when she moved to Loveland and have enjoyed the lifelong friendships she has made there.

MAC Instructors

Lisa V

Lisa has been a long time fitness instructor at MAC. She has her group exercise certification through the YMCA. She also has certifications through Silver Sneakers and Arthritis Foundation. She currently teaches water aerobics and Silver Sneakers where she enjoys motivating her participants through music to make the exercise class a fun and beneficial experience!

MAC Instructors


Maggie has been instructing group fitness at MAC since 2010. She is certified to teach group fitness, Spinning, Body Pump, and BOSU. At MAC she teaches Power Pump, Boot Camp, Power Fit, and Spinning. Besides her children and their busy schedules, she would say fitness is her hobby! You can always find Maggie on a piece of cardio equipment or working out on the fitness floor with friends. Maggie is known at MAC for her great music and the variety of exercises she brings into her classes for she enjoys learning and trying new fitness ideas to push not only the members, but herself as well.

MAC Instructors


Martin is a certified yoga instructor and has been at  MAC since 2012. He originally started out with Abby’s yoga classes to help out with a bad back.  He’s been amazed at the core strength and flexibility that yoga gives. He hopes to make yoga feel welcoming and safe for all.  Aside from yoga, Martin enjoys bicycling, guitar playing, and rock climbing with his son.

MAC Instructors


Sherry - Yoga found me at MAC in the mid 90’s. The class was invigorating and I loved it from the beginning. I was surprised that it was a challenging total body workout. I’m not competitive so yoga is a perfect fit to do my own thing my own way. It gives me an outlet for my high energy but also focus to de-stress and be still. I’ve been teaching yoga at MAC since 2009. My classes are active and fun for all levels.

MAC Instructors


Tracey is a certified yoga instructor and has been teaching at MAC since 2013. However, Tracey’s involvement with MAC dates back to the 1980s when she worked for Royal Fitness as part of the front desk staff. She had been a long time member before joining MAC’s yoga team. Tracey fully utilizes all that MAC has to offer. She enjoys using the weights, pool and attending other classes MAC offers for a well rounded work out and fitness lifestyle. In her free time, Tracey spends time training for marathons and enjoys watching her 2 sons play water polo.


Bio coming soon! Join our new instructor TYLER!

Steve T.

Steve is a CrossFit Continuity CFL1 Coach and Personal Trainer, full bio coming soon.....

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