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MAC Schedule: December 5, 2022

O2 Super Oxygenation Training

Super Oxygenation Training or EWOT (pronounced e-watt) is Exercise With Oxygen Training. It is breathing higher levels of oxygen during exercise. You can use an exercise bike, elliptical or another cardio training option.  Any time you are breathing supplemental oxygen during exercise = EWOT. During a 15 minute workout, you will breathe 420% more purity than the normal 21% you are now getting.

Benefits Include:
1. Increased oxygen saturation for the purpose of delayed onset of muscle soreness
2. Development of auto-immune system
3. Super charge current nutrition strategies with the increased oxygen levels
4. Amplify body’s natural hormones for an increase in muscle mass

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Oxygenation Training


Interested in a Free 3 Day Trial Membership?