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MAC Schedule: December 5, 2022

Chiropractic Center at MAC

Brian McMaster

Services offered:

  • spinal manipulative therapy
  • extremity joint mobilization and manipulation to treat all spin and extremity soft tissue and joint related injuries whether acute, chronic or repetitive strain related.

Other modalities offered:

  • electrical muscle stimulation
  • ultrasound
  • frequency specific micro-current
  • walking and running form and technique training
  • spinal health exercises classes taught at MAC
  • therapeutic exercises for rehabilitative purposes to return patients to stable injury free status
  • *NEW* Four Core Training for improved whole body strength stability coordination and balance taught one on one at the MAC.

Chiropractic techniques offered:

  • Diversified, Thompson Drop Table
  • flexion distraction
  • manual axial spinal decompression

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Interested in a Free 3 Day Trial Membership?