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Body Shock Junior (for ages 10-14)

Teens ages 10-14 or grades 6-8 learn basic weight training skills, proper form, safety and technique. Lead by a qualified, experienced Coach & Certified Trainer.  Body Shock Junior is a session based class, limited space available and requires pre-registration.  For more information call, 513.831.0006 or register online here.

*Class held at CrossFit Continuity.

Instructor for this class

Josh, Certified Personal Trainer

Josh, Certified Personal Trainer

Josh, Certified Personal Trainer

4 Year - Milford High School Football Player ('14)
Studied Exercise Physiology at Ohio University
Certified Personal Trainer/Group Exercise Instructor & Online Health Coach/Trainer

3 Years’ Experience with Personal Training/Group Exercise Instruction:

  • Personal training expertise in resistance, endurance, and performance training
  • Group training expertise in abs/glutes, kickboxing, and full body toning boot camps
  • Training experience with young kids, middle school/high school athletes, middle age men/women, and individuals that possess pre-existing health conditions/injuries that inhibit them from performing certain styles of exercise
  • Can develop customized plans that will be unique to each client to meet their exercise goals (Fat Loss, Meal Plan Recommendations, Workout Plans, etc.)
  • 24/7 access to myself in order to make sure clients stay on track/pace with their goals

Message to Potential Clients:  
I believe you have to give this industry the passion that’s necessary and I do this because of the love I have for helping other people. This industry has already introduced me to many amazing connections and I can’t wait to build even more special relationships. I have made it my life’s purpose to impact others through fitness and by staying true to myself I hope to be a positive influence to anyone who crosses my path.

Favorite Quote:
“The poorest man is not the one without a penny; it’s the one without a dream.” – Giavanni Ruffin

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Interested in a Free 14 Day Trial Membership?