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Circuit Training

This class is a boot camp style class filled with cardio and resistance exercises at different stations. This is great for someone who wants to work at their own pace or push themselves to the next fitness level.

This class is included with Group Exercise membership. Drop in and join us!

Instructors for this class

Heather W

Heather W

Heather W

Heather became a member of the MAC ten years ago, when she moved here with her family. She has a degree in Piano Performance and Pedagogy. As such, she has worked as a professional Classical musician and certified music instructor since 1998. She thoroughly enjoys teaching others and watching their progress. She also loves using her professional training as a musician to prepare great music for her classes that motivate members to move!

Heather is certified as a spinning instructor and plans to add Tabata certification to her repertoire. Her goal as an instructor is to weld her skills as a musician and lover of fitness to provide an energetic, fun and motivating environment where members can feel inspired to work at an intensity level at which they might not choose to work on their own.

When she is not working out at the gym, Heather enjoys bike rides on the trail with her four kids, cooking healthy food for her family as well as performing and teaching music.

Josh, Certified Personal Trainer

Josh, Certified Personal Trainer

Josh, Certified Personal Trainer

4 Year - Milford High School Football Player ('14)
Studied Exercise Physiology at Ohio University
Certified Personal Trainer/Group Exercise Instructor & Online Health Coach/Trainer

3 Years’ Experience with Personal Training/Group Exercise Instruction:

  • Personal training expertise in resistance, endurance, and performance training
  • Group training expertise in abs/glutes, kickboxing, and full body toning boot camps
  • Training experience with young kids, middle school/high school athletes, middle age men/women, and individuals that possess pre-existing health conditions/injuries that inhibit them from performing certain styles of exercise
  • Can develop customized plans that will be unique to each client to meet their exercise goals (Fat Loss, Meal Plan Recommendations, Workout Plans, etc.)
  • 24/7 access to myself in order to make sure clients stay on track/pace with their goals

Message to Potential Clients:  
I believe you have to give this industry the passion that’s necessary and I do this because of the love I have for helping other people. This industry has already introduced me to many amazing connections and I can’t wait to build even more special relationships. I have made it my life’s purpose to impact others through fitness and by staying true to myself I hope to be a positive influence to anyone who crosses my path.

Favorite Quote:
“The poorest man is not the one without a penny; it’s the one without a dream.” – Giavanni Ruffin

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