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Keiser Air Machines

Smooth strength building exercises for everyone from beginners to experienced weight lifters

Keiser Air Machines provide high resistance with little impact to joints and connective tissues. The elimination of a iron weight stack reduces the momentum, which leaves only pure resistant force. With the reduction of momentum and the elimination of dependence on gravity allows the resistance strength curve to remain consistent over a wide range of training speeds providing superior training results. If you’ve never trained with “air”, you’ve got to try it to feel the incredible difference and experience what you can achieve.

What is the Keiser Circuit?

Keiser air pressured equipment was developed to offer resistance training without depending on plates, cables or pins. It provides smooth strength building exercise options. Keiser gives members a strong foundation for the proper techniques for strength training and stretching.

Keiser equipment gives the user full control and ease at adjusting the weight or resistance they are using to specifically suit their needs. There are buttons on each machine to allow you to increase or decrease the compressed air resistance by as little as one pound at a time.

Who can use the Keiser Circuit?

The Keiser circuit is ideal for everyone. The circuit is a great introduction into the form and technique of weightlifting, with all of the safety and benefit of using this type of equipment. The circuit allows members who come from any fitness background, even those with injuries or joint issues, to see the full benefit of incorporating strength training into their workout regime. The Keiser Technology provides a safe and effective way for users to lose weight, increase bone density, increase strength and power, improve stability and mobility.

The Keiser circuit will appeal to the masses, including those with weight loss goals, limited time to work out per day, a beginner, an individual motivated by results, or an individual looking to intensify their current workout routine.

Benefits of Keiser

While the concept of air-powered equipment is relatively straight forward, the benefits of air technology are:

  • A great challenge even for the most athletic exerciser
  • Credible equipment: Keiser equipment has been a part of the fitness industry for 30+ years
  • Easy control and adjustment of resistance
  • Progression is individual, with increments as little as 1 pound
  • Flexibility component is part of the circuit
  • No shock loading to connective tissues and joints
  • Increased range of motion with increased flexibility
  • Reduced recovery time, diminished occurrence of muscle soreness after a workout
Interested in a Free 3 Day Trial Membership?