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MAC Schedule: August 21, 2017

Junior Strength Training

Jr Strength Training is a targeted, 4-week program for your 10-14 year old to engage them in physical activity that will help with their coordination, balance, strength, agility, and most of all, confidence.  We use age appropriate movements and weights, while challenging them to exert themselves in ways that allow them to grow stronger and more confident.  We will work on the basics of squats and pulling (pull-ups, rope climbs, etc.) and other bodyweight movements like pushups and burpees, in a fun yet challenging environment.  It’s all about movement and learning how to channel the growing body’s ability to get stronger.

Co-Ed class specifically for grades 6-8

Taught by: Coach Pat at CrossFit Continuity (next to MAC)

Offered on Tues/Thus 4:30-5:30 pm

4-week session


Interested in a Free 14 Day Trial Membership?