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MAC Schedule: June 24, 2017

Swim Lessons

Miami Athletic Club promotes water safety while encouraging students to enjoy the warm water and master the skills in the American Red Cross Learn to Swim Program. MAC swim lessons are typically 1 time per week for 6-week sessions. Members and non members are welcome to register for private and small group lessons. Please complete our contact form for more information or to register - Swim Lesson Inquiry.

Private Lessons 1:1 instructor to student ratio (6 lessons)
15-minute class: $95 members/ $110 non-members
30-minute class: $180 members/ $220 non-members
Semi-private lessons 1:2 instructor to student ratio (6 lessons)
30-minute class: $130/pp - members/ $145/pp - non-members
Level 1 Introduction to water skills (3mos-3yrs)

In this class, children will learn to put their face and head under water. In order to graduate to Level 2, children will demonstrate how to enter the water independently, travel at least 5 yards, safely exit the water, glide on their front and roll to a back float with assistance.

  • Enter water safely using the ladder, steps or side
  • Exit water safely using the ladder, steps or side
  • Submerge mouth, nose and eyes
  • Exhale underwater (blow bubbles) through mouth and nose, 3 seconds
  • Front and back float (with support)
  • Recover from a back & front float to a standing position
  • Change direction of travel while walking or paddling
  • Roll over from front to back (with support)
  • Roll over from back to front (with support)
  • Explore arm and hand movements (with support)
  • Simultaneous leg action on front & back, 5 feet (with support)
  • Alternating leg action on front & back, 5 feet (with support)
  • Combined stroke on front & back using any type of arm and leg action, 5 feet (with support)

Level 2 Fundamentals of Aquatic Skill (3yrs-adult)

In this class, students will learn floating without support and the basic fundamentals of swimming. In order to graduate to Level 3, students will demonstrate rotary breathing, front float to back float, demonstrate a combination arm and leg action on front and back then float for 15 seconds and swim 5 body lengths.

  • Enter the water safely using the ladder, steps or side
  • Exit the water safely using the ladder, steps or side
  • Fully submerge and hold breath
  • Bob 10 times
  • Open eyes under water and retrieve submerged objects
  • Rotary breathing
  • Front, jellyfish and tuck floats
  • Front & back glide
  • Front float 15 seconds
  • Back float 15 seconds
  • Recover to vertical position
  • Roll from front to back & back to front
  • Change direction of travel while swimming on front or back
  • Tread water using arm and leg actions for 15 seconds
  • Combined arm & leg actions on front & back

Level 3 Stroke Development (3yrs-adult)

This class will increase a students confidence in the water and improve specific strokes that will highlight advanced skills. In order to graduate to Level 4, students will demonstrate front crawl for 15 yards with rotary breathing, tread water or float for 30 seconds, and swim elementary backstroke for 15 yards.

  • Jump into deep water from the side
  • Head first entry from the side in a sitting or kneeling position
  • Submerge and retrieve an object, 3 seconds
  • Perform bobs with the head fully submerged, 15 times
  • Front glide-kick one, 2 body lengths
  • Front glide-kick two, 2 body lengths
  • Survival float, 30 seconds
  • Back glide-kick one, 2-body lengths
  • Back glide-kick two, 2-body lengths
  • Back float 30 seconds
  • Change from vertical to horizontal position on front, in deep water
  • Change from vertical to horizontal position on back, in deep water
  • Tread water, 30 seconds, in deep water
  • Front crawl, 15 yards
  • Butterfly-kick and body motion, 15 yards
  • Back crawl, 15 yards

Level 4 Stroke Improvement (3yrs-adult)

In this class, students will be introduced to flip turns, breaststroke, butterfly, and sidestroke. Focus will be on exit skills, performing a feet first entry into deep water, front crawl for 25 yards, changing direction as necessary, elementary backstroke for 25 yards, breaststroke for 15 yards and backstroke for 15 yards.

  • Dive from side in a compact or stride position
  • Swim underwater, 3 body lengths
  • Perform a feet-first surface dive and submerge completely
  • Survival float, 1 minute in deep water
  • Open turn on front and push off in streamlined position
  • Open turn on back and push off in streamlined position
  • Tread water using modified scissors, breaststroke or rotary kick and sculling arm motions, 1 minute
  • Front crawl, 20 yards
  • Breaststroke, 15 yards
  • Butterfly, 15 yards
  • Elementary backstroke, 15 yards
  • Swim on side with scissors kick, 15 yards

Stroke Clinic (3yrs-adult)

In this class, focus will be on mastery of stroke mechanics; advanced turns (breast, butterfly, and IM), as well as, push offs in streamline position. Students must be able to swim 40 yards of backstroke, front crawl breaststroke, and butterfly as well as treading water and sculling.

  • Front crawl 20 yards
  • Backstroke 20 yards
  • Breaststroke 20 yards
  • Butterfly 20 yards
  • Open turns
  • Flip turns
  • Drills for strokes
  • Endurance
  • Alternating rotary breathing
  • Breath drills
  • Dry land drills

Parent Child Class (3mos-3yrs)

This class is designed to lead the parent in teaching their child how to be safe and comfortable in the water. Participating children will prepare to enter Level 1 swim lessons when they turn 3 years old. Children who are not fully potty trained must wear swim diapers during this class.

Please be aware:

  • No Lifeguard is on duty.
  • The pool is open to members the same hours as the fitness center for lap swimming and working out, except the pool is CLOSED for other uses during Water Aerobics Classes – please refer to the pool schedule.
  • Children may use the pool only when registered for a swim lesson or during family swim when accompanied by an adult.
  • Swim lessons may occupy one or more lanes throughout the day – please refer to the pool schedule.
  • Lane lines are taken out of the pool 5 minutes prior to Water Aerobic Class times.
  • Please, no food or glass in the pool area.
  • When Milford City Schools are closed due to snow, a.m. classes are canceled. Please check the website or the MAC Facebook page after 3pm for a status update on evening classes during inclement weather.
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